Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

Law Thematic Group

The LERU Law Thematic Group is a forum for mutual learning and policy development in the area of Law research.

The Law Thematic Group has also developed a Law PhD exchange scheme. This project involves 12 LERU members but all LERU members are invited to join.

At the meeting  Nov 2019  the following topics were discussed
– LERU Paper on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
– Case study: Athena SWAN Charter on Gender Equality
– LERU statement on legal research
– Exchange Programmes: LERU Law School PhD Researcher Exchange Scheme; Options for facilitating staff exchanges, Update on Erasmus exchange agreements with the UK

LERU Law Thematic Group organize a LERU Law Schools Pedagogical Workshop 14-15 November 2018 at Lund University on the theme ’The Future of Legal Education’. The aim of the workshop is to gather teachers and researchers from LERU Law Schools and to address many different aspects of legal education, teaching and pedagogical development, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The workshop also aims at an exchange of best practices, increased collaboration between the Law Schools and the promotion of innovative legal education of highest quality.

LERU is monitoring EU legislative dossiers of relevance to research and universities, EU copyright reform, the General Data Protection Regulation, Nagoya Protocol, which are the basis for lobbying efforts in these areas. On the request from LERU-office the  Faculty of Law at LU contributes with academic expertise to support LERU´s legislative activities regarding the EU copyright reform and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

LERU Brexit Seminars
Organised three workshops on Brexit bringing together LERU members´ specialists on Brexit-related issues from different fields around  institutional, international and substantial themes. The first LERU Brexit Seminar  was organised 13-14 October 2017, hosted by the University of Milan. A second LERU Brexit Seminar was organised 17 Nov 2017, hosted by the KU Leuven.

Exchange scheme for doctoral candidates
An exchange scheme for doctoral candidates between around 12 Law Faculties at LERU institutions is organised each year on the initiative of this working group. Non-participating LERU Law faculties are encouraged to join the scheme;  – Lund University is taking part.

The aim is to promote collaboration amongst LERU members and researchers´ mobility. 30 doctoral candidates is taking part in the first edition of the scheme. The exchange scheme is considered to be a very successful initiative. It will continue in 2018. KU Leuven is coordinating the scheme.  Website:

An outline of the Exchange scheme for doctoral candidtates:
A number of law faculties within LERU wants to increase the international mobility between their junior researchers. To do so, an exchange scheme aimed specifically at doctoral candidates has been set up. During research stays of up to eight weeks in the calendar year 2018, doctoral candidates from one LERU partner can be admitted to a research unit of another LERU partner. The university of the outgoing doctoral student or the doctoral student covers the costs of the stay, including housing, travel expenses and livelihood. The host LERU institution facilitates the student’s academic integration into the research unit, offers assistance in finding affordable university housing and provides a work space for the student, where possible.

LERU legal portal
On the initiative from the Law Deans Working Group a LERU legal portal was launched in December 2014. 12 LERU member universities take part in this activity, which gives access through one interface to all the legal publications undertaken in the participating universities,  around 32 000 records are available in Open Access.  They can be searched, containing the full text of articles, chapters and other scholarly outputs. The tool has been constructed by The European Library (TEL) and is being further developed in 2015. The LERU Law Portal represents a further step in LERU´s commitment towards Open Access.

-Law staff Exchange
-Open Science: the Open Science Policy Platform; OA to publications and research data; the EU copyright reform and Text and Data Mining
-Possibilities of EU funding through Erasmus+ for the LERU Law PhD Exchange Scheme
-Evaluation of all LERU Groups in 2016