Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

Theology & Religious Studies Thematic Group

The Theology and Religious Studies thematic group is composed of the Deans or the Vice-Deans Research of the Faculties/Schools of Theology and Religious Studies of the LERU Universities. Not all LERU members participate in the thematic group’s activities but Lund does.

One of the activities of the LERU Theology and Religious Studies Thematic Group is to organsie a seminar for researchers in theology and religious studies. The seminar is planned for 11-14 September 2019 hosted by the university of Cambridge, with final deadline for registering April-May 2019. Plan to invite 3 researchers and up to 5 doctoral students and/or postdocs from each university.

The LERU Thematic Group of Theology and Religious Studies was set up in 2013 under the auspices of LERU group for Social Sciences and Humanities. It is a forum for mutual Learning, policy development and discussions about opportunities and challenges – the way forward for Religious studies in Horizon 2020.

The group aims to explore possible input of theology and religious studies in Horizon 2020 (the grand societal challenges in particular) for  collaborative research projects and possibilities for joint PhDs.

LERU-event: Research on Religion, crucial for Europe’s societies
LERU organised the event ‘Research on Religion, crucial for Europe’s societies’ in March 2016. The event introduced research undertaken at LERU member universities that shows how research on religion is important for European societies. The event aims at translating this statement into practice by showcasing excellent examples and to discuss the statement with a wider public. Policy makers, research funders or anyone with an interest in SSH research in general or religion research in particular, is very welcome to participate

LERU Theology and Religious Studies thematic Group published a joint statement on the importance of research on religion for Europe’s societies. Research on Religion crucial for Europe’s societies_statement_February 2016

LERU emphasise the contribution from Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research to addressing and solving the challenges societies are currently facing, is absolutely fundamental. This statement by LERU Themtic Group of Theology and Religious Studies, presents research on religion as an excellent example of the pivotal relevance of SSH disciplines.

Religion is currently undergoing dramatic changes all across the continent as well as in other parts of the world closely linked with Europe. These developments have to be studied and understood in order to permit our societies to benefit from the opportunities they offer and to stem potential dangers emanating from them. Research on religion is therefore vitally important for European societies.

Other topics of discussion in LERU Thematic Group of Theology and Religious Studies:

  • Doctoral training systems and statistics in each institution
  • Cooperation in doctoral education, transferable skills, doctoral studies as a part of an academic career
  • Statement on the role and status of theology and religious studies in EU funding calls, need of improving the status of theology and religious studies to be used in furthering the case of the disciplines.
  • Inventory of existing research groups at each member institution/faculty