Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

Alumni Thematic Group

The members of the Alumni thematic group are the heads of the alumni offices of the LERU universities. Not all members are actively engaged in this group, but they all are invited to the meetings and can decide to join at any time.

The group normally meet back-to-back with the Philanthropy thematic group.

At the meeting oct 2019 the following topics were discussed
The role of alumni relations in marketing activities at LERU universities. Presentation by Karen Paulson, Alumni Project Manager at Lund University
-How do alumni relations contribute to a university’s branding and reputation
– Rewarding of alumni: LERU members share best practices.
– Sorbonne University: a new alumni and fundraising strategy

The LERU Alumni Thematic group focuses on discussing issues of common interest and exchanging best practices on topics such as social media and its use for alumni relations, alumnni events and benchmarking. Follow up and evaluate the collaboration with CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education). Keeping track of ‘non-student’ alumni (guest researchers, post-docs etc).