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LERU urges COP15 to maintain open access to Digital Sequence Information

LERU urges the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) to maintain open access to Digital Sequence Information. LERU remains opposed to any system which makes it difficult for researchers to access DSI in an open manner. A simple, universal, and multilateral system could be a feasible solution as this would recognise the efforts put into developing DSI databases as open, free-to-use resources, whilst still providing benefits to provider countries. Digital Sequence Information (DSI)1 is vital to discoveries across the sciences. It is held in publicly-funded, open access databases, meaning that anyone, anywhere in the world, can access it easily, at any time, and at no cost. Without the open sharing of DSI, we would not have a vaccine for Covid-19, nor would we understand how many organisms respond to environmental pressures such as climate change to give just two examples

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oktober 11, 2021

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