Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

Ethics Thematic Group

The members of the LERU Ethics Thematic Group are ethics researchers interested in collaboration between LERU members and in EU research funding. The Ethics Group monitors the position of ethics research in EU research programs.

Only a limited number of LERU member universities are actively engaged in this group. The work of the ETHI TG falls under the remit of the SSHU policy group.

At the meeting  in Nov 2019, the following topics were discussed
– ”How AI Puts Ethics to the Test”
– “The Activities of the DSI Digital Ethics Lab – Some Exemplary Projects Related to AI”
– “Norms of Assertion in Human-Robot Interaction”
– “Responsible AI”
– “Ethics and Trustworthy AI”  by Raja Chatila Sorbonne Université
– “I will start with some foundational concepts of AI and move to present the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI issued by the High-Level Expert Group on AI with the European Commission, as well as its Policy and Investment Recommendations“
– Planning session EU-funded project proposals

Organise “Workshop on Teaching Philosophy of Science and Ethics to Life Science Students” and hosted by the University of Copenhagen on the 3rd December 2018. On the agenda

– “Integrity. Development of innovative, evidence-based tools for teaching research integrity to students and early career researchers”

Development of teaching in Research Integrity and Academic Integrity for BA students at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen

Teaching Research Ethics for Research in Conflict Zones

Student’s knowledge and understanding of Research Integrity

– Exchange of experience and best practices in teaching ethics, integrity and Responsible Research Conduct

The recent calls/projects within Horizon 2020 show that building successful consortia require reflection on the position of ethics as part of the broader field of Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHU). A reflection on the position of ethical research in relation to linked fields such as law and political science is important to clarify the differences and Connections.

the meeting aims to:
-reflect on the mutual exchange of ethics and other SSH-disciplines (e.g., law, history, policy sciences),
-exploring the opportunities for strategic alliances in order to have joined SSH-consortia that can contribute to science oriented research proposals,
-Planning future activities Ethics Working Group

Speaking guests at the meetingwere from European Commission, DG Research & Innovation and  EGE Secretariat.

The work of the Ethics Research expert group falls under the remit of the SSH Community. The ethics scientists expert group monitors the position of ethics research and state LERU’s position and role of ethics in Horizon 2020, especially how ethics researchers are involved in setting the research agendas of the future. The group also follows-up on the practical implementations of the agenda on ethics for Horizon 2020 and is interested in developing collaborative projects between them, exploring the possibilities to build joint networks in order to improve the effectiveness and power of ethics research in interdisciplinary consortia.

See the EU programme for ethics and ethical compliance as an integral part of real research excellence.