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LERU Doctoral Summer School 2021

Date: 8 – 13 August 2021 
Theme: Reasserting the Value of the Expert; The role of Doctoral Research and Researchers in Promoting the Importance of the ‘Expert’ in Europe
Venue: Trinity College Dublin is host. The summer school is organized online. 
Application deadline: Wednesday April 7, 2021


The theme of the LERU Doctoral Summer School, 8-13 August 2021 is Reasserting the Value of the Expert; The role of Doctoral Research and Researchers in Promoting the Importance of the ‘Expert’ in Europe.

The focus of this summer school is on how the next generation of researchers can reclaim the role of the expert and convince people (including the suspicious and the cynical) as to the value of expertise and thus of research and researchers.

The revised format – digitally – has allowed to broaden the number of speakers and to include speakers who otherwise might not have been able to travel to participate.

Each day will include a 2-hour slot with papers from invited speakers, followed by a discussion facilitated by a session host. Each day will include a 1-hour slot of short presentations from summer school participants. In advance of the Summer School, each participant will sign up to speak to one of selected themes. They then prepare and present 3 PowerPoint slides and speak to the slides for a maximum of 5 minutes. After lunch, sessions of 90-120 minutes of small group workshops for participants are facilitated. The work agenda focuses on development of a policy paper and resources for early career researchers. Completed program is equivalent to 5 ECTS credit.

Each day offers one online social event hosted by our Graduate Students’ Union

Applicants shall meet the following requirements:

o Must be registered as a doctoral candidate at Lund University
o Should be approximately half way or more in their doctoral education
o Must be keenly motivated to work on the topic of the LERU Summer School as set out in the program and description
o Must be able to participate in all activities in the program
o Must be fluent in written and spoken English

Doctoral candidates from all academic disciplines with an interest in this topic are invited to apply.

Selection Criteria and Conditions

The selection criteria are the quality of the statement of purpose, arguments for participation, relevance to the theme of the conference and overall judgement of application, grades and CV.

Lund University conducts a selection procedure and nominates ranked candidates to LERU. Places are decided by the organizers of the Doctoral Summer School at the Trinity College Dublin and LERU Doctoral Studies Community steering group after consideration of all applications, aiming to achieve a balanced representation with regard to disciplines, gender and university affiliation with due consideration of rank order and merit.

The Application, in English, shall include:

1. Statement of purpose with motivation of 1 A4 page. It should explain the candidate´s interest for the topic of the summer school, a description of what makes the candidate a suitable representative for Lund University and the contribution the candidate can make to the conference. It should also include the theme and title of the candidate´s own research project.
2. Letter of recommendation from Head of Department
3. CV
4. Excerpt from Ladok showing admission date and accomplishments Application deadline is Wednesday April 7, 2021. Applications with reference number U 2021/221 are to be sent by e-mail to

For Information & Contact:

Veerle Van Kerckhove LERU Office, Leuven, Belgium

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