Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

LERU Doctoral Studies Policy Group

Each LERU university has one or more member(s) in the Doctoral Studies Policy Group usually the Vice-Rector or equivalent senior academic responsible for doctoral education or a Graduate School Director. The activities of the Doctoral Studies Policy Group are guided by a steering group.

The Doctoral Studies Policy Group focuses on EU policy developments with relation to doctoral studies, in particular regarding ERA policy and Horizon Europe.

Other topics being discussed at the group’s bi-annual meetings include well-being of doctoral researchers, European University Alliances, the links between postgraduate and postdoctoral training, and Graduate/Doctoral School organisation.

The aim is to publish an advice paper on supervision in doctoral education in 2021.

The Doctoral Studies Community Community (DSC) contributes to LERU’s policy development in the area of doctoral education. Information on policies and practices is exchanged which allows members to discuss common challenges, to share ideas and to stimulate mutual learning and collaboration.

This Community focus on EU policy developments with relation to doctoral education, including funding issues in H2020. LERU informs and consults its members, providing advice to the EU and participate in EU meetings as appropriate (e.g. membership in the H2020 MSCA advisory group). Activities by other organisations such as the EUA-CDE, Coimbra, Go8, AAU, etc. is monitored.

The Group has drafted the LERU Advice Paper, Maintaining a quality culture in doctoral educationat research-intensive universities: The paper is aimed at national or regional stakeholders such as governments, funders and of course also inside the University.

-Supervision – ”Quality supervision of doctoral studies”
-LERU doctoral summer schoo 2016 summer school on ‘Data Stewardship’
-Discussion of the 2017 summer school (decision by the LERU Board of Directors expected 12 September 2016)
-Open science and  doctoral education
-Citizen Science and doctoral education
-The ”Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers”. LERU plans to issue a statement which will include a reaction to the Young Researchers Declaration.

Career Tracking study.


LERU doctoral summer school 2015 was organised by the University of Oxford on 13-17 July. The theme was Sharing excellence – The Value of Knowledge Exchange. Kajsa Ahlgren and Olgerta Tona from Lund University participated.

Kajsa Ahlgren and Olgerta Tonas written reports from the Conference:
Kajsa Ahlgren, report LERU Doctoral Summer School 2015
Olgerta Tona, report LERU Doctoral Summer School 2015

The news from LERU about the Doctoral Summer School:
Fulfilling, inspiring, extremely informative and interactive”

Related papers
Advice paper: Good Practice Elements in Doctoral Training (2014)
Position paper: Doctoral degrees beyond 2010: Training talented researcher for society (2010)
Position paper: Doctoral studies in Europe: Excellence in researcher training (2007)

Other themes on the agenda:
A possible topic is private sector collaboration issues for doctoral training.
MoU agreement as a joint programme was discussed. Possible intersectoral mobility for doctoral candidates, as alternatives to ’joint programmes’.
Trends and challenges in doctoral education, quality assessment, research integrity, science 2.0, enhancing research careers, management of doctoral processes, etc.

Doctoral affairs in the EU agenda: ERA (principles of innovative doctoral training, skills training, EC WG), European doctorate, H2020 (MSCA)

LERU organised an open seminar on good practice in innovative doctoral training in Oct 2014.