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LERU Advice paper; Student entrepreneurship at research-intensive universities: From a peripheral activity towards a new mainstream

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This LERU Advice paper focuses on the role of research-intensive universities in stimulating and supporting initiatives and programmes related to student entrepreneurship, but also on their role as drivers of entrepreneurial ecosystems. LERU makes recommendations to all stakeholders who play a role in shaping the higher education system, both within and outside universities:

  1. Research-intensive universities need to pro-actively develop the entrepreneurial skills and attitudes of their students and staff.
  2. Interdisciplinary student work and project-based learning are essential components of successful entrepreneurship education.
  3. For entrepreneurship to thrive at universities and to make it accessible and relevant to all students, its meaning needs to be reframed.
  4. Research-intensive universities need to embrace bottom-up initiatives that help to foster an entrepreneurial culture.
  5. Universities need to be open and take the lead with regard to entrepreneurship education in their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Launch of LERU Advice paper on “Student entrepreneurship at research-intensive universities”  (2019-04-04)

LERU Emphasizes the society´s needs of  entrepreneurial attitudes and skills. Research-intensive universities are ideally positioned to stimulate the emergence of these attitudes and skills, and how student entrepreneurship can be supported and organised, is set out in a new LERU advice paper, entitled “Student entrepreneurship at research-intensive universities.  From a peripheral activity towards a new mainstream”.

The paper’s launch event that will be held in Brussels on 30 April. At the event the paper, as well as best practices of different LERU universities will be presented.

This paper has been drafted by the two LERU policy groups Enterprise & Innovation and Learning & Teaching