Lund University is a member of LERU

(League of European Research Universites)

LERU Advice Paper: Research: it’s all about trust

Researchers need to be trusted by the public, by funders, and by each other. This is why integrity should be hard-wired into academic culture, according to a new advice paper from the League of European Research Universities (LERU).
The paper puts forward measures to maintain and strengthen confidence in research, from handling lapses in integrity to strategies that raise research quality across the board. 
Its recommendations include:

  • Integrity training at all career levels, with no pass for seniority
  • Safe harbours to avoid anonymous allegations
  • Nail down the numbers: too many people misuse or misunderstand statistics
  • Give credit for research with negative results, or that checks past findings
  • Switch to Open Science
  • Make it official: create posts with special responsibility for research integrity
  • Kaizen! Integrity should be a matter of continuous improvement

Why does this matter? Read the interview with lead authors Ton Hol, professor in law at Utrecht University, and Inge Lerouge, research integrity coordinator at KU Leuven.